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Paper   IPM / Cognitive Sciences / 7425
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  Title:   Tactile Discrimination Task Not Disturbed by Thalamic Stimulation
1.  A.H. Abbasian
2.  S. Shahzadi
3.  S.R. Afraz
4.  A. Fazl
5.  F. Moradi
  Status:   Published
  Journal: Stereo tactic and Functional Neurosurgery
  No.:  1
  Vol.:  76
  Year:  2001
  Pages:   19-28
  Supported by:  IPM
The somatosensory pathway related to the thumb and index fingers passes through the median nerve. We placed electrodes on the skin of the wrist just above the location where the median nerve passes through and electrically stimulated it and tested the effect of electrical simulation of median nerve on a tactile discrimination task and tried to find out if the electrical stimulation or suffering from PD has any has any effect on tactile acuity. For this purpose we used raised grating with lines 3,4 or 6mm apart as our tactile patterns. Patients had to actively touch test patterns placed in one hand and compare them with the reference pattern in the order hand and report if they are the same or not. In trails in which we had electrical stimulation too, the stimulus was interested to the hand holding the test pattern. We found out that neither suffering from PD nor electrical stimulation would effect the tactile acuity though sometimes we may find slight but not statistically significant difference in performance.

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