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  Title:   Self-similar Structure of a Hot Magnetized Flow with Thermal Conduction
1.  M. Ghasemnezhad
2.  M. Khajavi
3.  S. Abbassi
  Status:   Published
  Journal: Astrophysical
  Vol.:  750
  Year:  2012
  Pages:   8
  Supported by:            IPM IPM
We have explored the structure of a hot magnetized accretion flow with thermal conduction. The importance of thermal conduction in hot accretion flows has been confirmed by observations of the hot gas surrounding Sgr A* and a few other nearby galactic nuclei. For a steady state structure of such accretion flows, a set of self-similar solutions is presented. In this paper, we have actually tried to re-check the solution presented by Abbassi et al. using a physical constraint. In this study, we find that Equation (29) places a new constraint that limits answers presented by Abbassi et al. In that paper, the parameter space, which is established in the new constraint, was plotted. However, the new requirement makes up only a small parameter space with physically acceptable solutions. And now in this paper, we have followed the idea with more effort and tried to find out how thermal conduction influences the structure of the disks in a physical parameter space.

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