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Paper   IPM / Cognitive Sciences / 17461
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  Title:   Blockade of the orexin-2 receptors within the ventral tegmental area facilitates the extinction and prevents the reinstatement of methamphetamine-seeking behavior
1.  F. Zamanirad
2.  K. Eskandari
3.  Z. Mousavi
4.  A. Haghparast
  Status:   Published
  Year:  2023
  Supported by:  IPM
Repeated use of methamphetamine (METH) causes severe effects on the central nervous system, associated with an increased relapse rate. The orexinergic system is highly implicated in the reward circuitry and may be a promising target for treating psychostimulant dependency. The present study aimed to investigate the involvement of the orexin system, mainly the orexin-2 receptors (OX2R) in the ventral tegmental area (VTA) in the extinction and reinstatement of METH-seeking behavior using a conditioned place preference (CPP) paradigm. To this end, animals received METH (1 mg/kg; sc) for a 5-day conditioning period. Then, in the first set of experiments, different groups of rats were given intra-VTA TCS OX2 29 (1, 3, 10, or 30 nmol/0.3μl DMSO) as an OX2R antagonist over a 10-day extinction period. In another experiment, after the extinction period, a different set of animals received a single dose of TCS OX2 29 (1, 3, 10, or 30 nmol) before the priming dose of METH (0.25 mg/kg; sc) on the reinstatement day. The results revealed that TCS OX2 29 (10 and 30 nmol) remarkably facilitated the extinction of rewarding properties of METH (P <0.001 for both doses). Furthermore, TCS OX2 29 (3, 10, or 30 nmol) significantly suppressed the METH-induced reinstatement (3 nmol; P <0.05, 10 nmol; P <0.01, and 30 nmol; P <0.001). In conclusion, the current study revealed that the orexinergic system, specifically the VTA OX2R, is involved in METH-seeking behaviors and that manipulation of this system can be considered a potential therapeutics in treating METH dependency.

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