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           17:00 - 18:00     IPM Holography virtual seminar
Algebra of diffeomorphism invariant observables in Jackiw-Teitelboim gravity


Abstract: Diffeomorphism symmetry is an intrinsic difficulty in gravitational theory, which appears in almost all of the questions in gravity. As is well known, the diffeomorphism symmetries in gravity should be interpreted as gauge symmetries, so only diffeomorphism invariant operators are physically interesting. However, because of the non-linear effect of gravitational theory, the results for diffeomorphism invariant operators are very limited.
In this work, we focus on the Jackiw-Teitelboim gravity in classical limit, and use Peierls bracket (which is a linear response like computation of observables bracket) to compute the algeb ...

           17:30 - 19:30     Number Theory Webinar
The Coates-Sinnott Conjecture


The Coates-Sinnott Conjecture was formulated in 1974 as a K-theory analogue of Stickelberger's Theorem. For a finite abelian extension $E/F$ of number fields and any integer $ngeq 2$, this conjecture constructs an element in terms of special values of the (equivariant) L-function of $E/F$ at $1-n$ to annihilate the even Quillen K-group $K_{2n-2}(O_E)$ of associated ring of integers $O_E$ over the group ring $mathbb{Z}[Gal(E/F)]$. In this talk after describing the precise formulation of the conjecture we present the recent results. Part of this is a joint work with Manfred Kolster.

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