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           15:00 - 16:00     IPM Holography virtual seminar
Limits of the 4d superconformal index and AdS/CFT


Abstract: A certain partition function (called the superconformal index) of the N=4 super-Yang-Mills theory seems to encode various interesting contributions to the euclidean path-integral of its bulk dual. These include euclidean Black Holes, orbifolds of euclidean Black Holes, and conjecturally also euclidean Black Lenses and their orbifolds.
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           16:30 - 18:00     Weekly Seminar
HEPCo Group


By using complex-variable methods one can extend conventional Hermitian quantum theories into the complex domain. The result is a huge and exciting new class of non-Hermitian parity-time-symmetric (PT-symmetric) theories that still obey the fundamental laws of quantum mechanics. These new theories have remarkable physical properties, which are currently under intense study by theorists and experimentalists. Many theoretical predictions have been verified in recent beautiful laboratory experiments.

Date: Tuesday, October 12th
4:30 p.m (Tehran time) unusual tim ...

           17:30 - 19:30     Number Theory Webinar
Essential Dimension via Prismatic Cohomology


Let $f:Y rightarrow X$ be a finite covering map of complex algebraic varieties. The essential dimension of $f$ is the smallest integer $e$ such that, birationally, $f$ arises as the pullback of a covering $Y'rightarrow X'$ of dimension $e$, via a map $X rightarrow X'$. This invariant goes back to classical questions about reducing the number of parameters in a solution to a general $n$-th degree polynomial, and appeared in work of Kronecker and Klein on solutions of the quintic.

I will report on joint work with Benson Farb and Jesse Wolfson, where we introduce a new technique, using prismatic cohomology, to obtain lower bounds ...