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           17:00 - 18:00     IPM Holography virtual seminar
Submerging islands through thermalization


Abstract: We illustrate scenarios in which Hawking radiation collected in finite regions of a reservoir provides temporary access to the interior of eternal black holes through transient entanglement "islands". Whether these islands appear and the amount of time for which they dominate - sometimes giving way to a thermalization transition - is controlled by the amount of radiation we probe. In the first scenario, two reservoirs are coupled to an eternal black hole. The second scenario involves two holographic quantum gravitating systems at different temperatures interacting through a Rindler-like reservoir, which acts as a heat engine maintai ...

           18:30 - 21:00     Number Theory Webinar
The Distribution of Rational Points on Some Spherical Varieties.


In this talk I will discuss a work in progress in which, together with Sho Tanimoto and Yuri Tschinkel, we study the distribution of rational points on some anisotropic spherical varieties of rank 1 over an arbitrary number field. Our work is the non-split analogue of the results of Valentin Blomer, Jorg Brudern, Ulrich Derenthal, and Giuliano Gagliardi where they consider split spherical varieties of rank 1 over the rational numbers, though our methods are completely different. In our proof we use the theory of automorphic forms, especially Waldspurger's celebrated theorem on toric periods, to analyse the height zeta function. Once this ana ...