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           12:00 - 13:15     Analysis Seminar
Quantum version of Lau-Paterson's result on amenable unitary co-representations


In the talk, we initiate an investigation of stable states with respect to
unitary co-representations $U$ of locally compact quantum groups ${\Bbb G}$ on Hilbert spaces $H$;
in particular, we study the subject on the multiplicative unitary operator $W_{\Bbb G}$ of ${\Bbb G}$
with some examples on locally compact quantum groups arising from
discrete groups and compact groups.
As the main result, we consider the one co-dimensional Hilbert subspace of $H$
associated to a suitable vector $\eta$, to present an operator theoretic characterization of
stable states with respect to a related unitary co- ...

           14:00 - 15:00     Weekly Seminar
Raman and IR spectroscopy for applications in nanographenes


Raman and IR spectroscopy for applications in nanographenes

This speech focused on the use of vibrational spectroscopy for the characterization of
advanced molecular materials appealing for applications in molecular electronics due to the
electronic and optical properties imparted by the presence of conjugated pi-electrons.
Graphene molecules constitute e ective models of graphene confined over a limited region. ff
They are well defined cutouts or model compounds of graphene and graphene nanoribbons.
Due to confinement, the electronic and vibrational properties of graphene molecules can be< ...

           15:00 - 16:00     Weekly Seminar
Generation of Gamma-rays by Laser Compton Scattering


The frontal collisions of a laser with free relativistic electrons result in laser Compton scattering y- rays. In this method, the energy of y-rays is dependent on the laser and electron energy and the range of energy is from keV to tens of MeV. In a sufficiently narrow backscattering angle, the y-rays are nearly monochromatic. Recently there have been several attempts to produce y-ray beams by laser Compton scattering from relativistic electrons. The aim of producing high-energy y-rays in a MeV ranges is for the nuclear physics researches and for the beam diagnostic of the electron beam circulating in the storage ring, another for medical ap ...